In Spirit and In Truth – A Painting by Annie Carrington

I met this amazing lady a couple of years ago when I joined The Seed  Church.

 Annie Carrington   had her Art Studio next to where we used to meet in Cheddar, where we struck up a warm friendship. Some time after I first visited her studio she asked me to pop in as she had something for me. To my surprise Annie presented me with a beautiful piece of art made with wax. Having previously been in the candle manufacturing business for 10 years I was thrilled and marvelled at this work

It is a brilliant, clever piece of art, the scene made with wax droplets worked on a canvas and then painted… I was so taken with this and it has a special place in my lounge.

Annie Carrington   has moved to a new studio in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset. She is self-taught and delighting in the beauty of God’s creation, Annie works in a variety of media to bring expression, inspired by life, creation, emotion and energy.

“I love the ever changing and challenging beauty of God’s creation and work to bring expression to the inspiration it gives me. Encaustics are my current passion, working with wax, resin and pigments, alongside materials from day to day life.”

Recent works are displayed on Annie’s website, and also works to commission. 

Annie can be contacted on

I wanted to tell you about a very special painting “In Spirit and In Truth” I visited Annie in her new studio in Wells recently and she presented with this painting, and there is a wonderful story behind the painting.

“Painting – In Spirit and In Truth – Annie Carrington 2017

The image I saw was of a group of people worshipping, in Spirit and in Truth.

There were cogs beneath the people. These cogs represent the daily life, the life that God has given to each of us.

As the people worship, expressing their adoration and acclamation of God, His love and His mercy, golden keys rain down on the people from heaven.

These keys only come through hearts of true worship; not just worshipping on a Sunday, but through everything we do and all that we are.

These keys will unlock hearts, circumstances, difficulties and new places of access – access to new areas of influence and outreach”

Thank you for such a special gift Annie xx

If you would like to visit the studio and meet this remarkable lady, email her at


Psalm 145:17

The LORD is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all he does


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