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The Sunday Hour today marked my 30th  programme, and for someone who had never even thought of presenting anything, this was a satisfying milestone. When it was suggested by my friend Jason Smith that I should think about putting together a Sunday show for SeaBird Radio  Jason was already presenting a programme, The Ambient Hour  so I thought “ok, lets give it a go”.

After a lot of thought and many many “Throw it in the bin moments” I put together a “pilot programme” It was an hour long, and to be honest, I wasn’t 100% happy, not the content , but my own performance. Seabird were looking for a Sunday programme but something different than a “normal Sunday church programme”.

It was only 2 days after sending the file to the boss at Seabird that I had a call to say they were really happy with it and it was going straight into the Sunday schedule 3 days later, on the 8th September 2019. Surprise was an understatement.  The Sunday Hour  was born.

We had the 7-8am slot on SeaBird Radio  and from day one we managed to gain popularity. I was putting together a playlist with all the best Worship Artists and Bands from around the world, and as the weeks went by we had guest storytellers, and our  Pastor Julian Richards in his own weekly guest spot with “Thought for the Day” and we were starting to get requests and dedications, which was great!

Some time shortly afterwards the Sunday Hour was moved to the Prime 8am slot on Sunday Mornings, followed by a second broadcast at 8pm on Sunday evenings. The listeners had really taken to the programme, it was an amazing journey! We were now getting listeners around the world, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Australia, Philippines, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Ireland and the US… Amazing considering the programme was so new.

In early December I was approached by   GFM 107.1  A community Radio Station based in Glastonbury, Somerset, with a view to talking about having The Sunday Hour on their station GFM Facebook page



On the 5th January 2020 we launched the Sunday Hour at 6pm, it was an unknown having the programme broadcast for the first time on FM, but also very exciting. We quickly started having requests and dedications, not just from the local area but from farther afield as GFM also broadcast from the website on-line across the world.


We now have a strong following on Seabird Radio and GFM, at home and around the world, and am waiting for news from a Canadian Radio Station, who requested a demo of The Sunday Hour.



So we are 30 weeks and going from strength to strength. We Have the best worship music from bands and artists, both studio and Live performances. Pastor Julain, Bear Grylls – Soul Fuels This is Bear’s own Daily Devotional book he wrote. Sophie’s poem. You can also send in Voice Requests and Dedications,  just send me the voice recording. Remember, The Sunday Hour is broadcast all around the world, if you have friends or relatives, all you need to do is give your friends/family the links to the relevant station (SeaBird or GFM),  and you can send a request to, let’s say, New Zealand, and they will be able to listen in and hear your request to them …. modern technology is so good isn’t it?

GFM have a listen again button on their website and all The Sunday Hour programmes are available for Free Anytime listening here: The Sunday Hour on Mixcloud  go along and choose from 30 shows.

I would like to express my appreciation to Richard Dix Seabird Creator, DJ and Presenter without his enthusiasm I would not be producing and presenting, and The Sunday Hour would not be enjoying the success it is. Also more recently to Paul Charles who keeps all of us presenters on the air every day at SeaBird Radio.

At GFM 107.1 Joanne Schofield – Station Development Director has been a huge encouragement in promoting theSunday Hour around the local community, my thanks to her and all the staff at The Red Brick Building

I thank every one of our listeners,  we have grown by your word of mouth.  You will find a “player” at the foot of each page here on the website which will have the most recent Sunday Hour available to play and listen.

If you would like a request or dedication, you can email me here: or here on my “Contact Keith” tab in the menu. There is also a message button on FB Keith T Radio Presenter 


Psalm 25:21

May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in YOU


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