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Click here to go to Psalm23 Aromabath & Oils website was founded by Frieda Mak 4 years ago in Autumn 2016 upon her return from a planned Madagascar missionary trip. She was humbled by the hard work and unconditional sacrifice of the Missionaries there, and wished in some way to support and contribute to their loving effort in this land afar, where people have a lack of education and resources.

In the past three years, Frieda has been making her beautifully crafted products at home, and has had immense support from family, both practically and spiritually. As a result of this she has been praying for sisters in Christ to walk along with her to be guided in expanding His Kingdom through these handcrafted spiritual products, hoping for more people to feel loved and inspired by the gospel messages behind each and every product.

Mandy & Lisa arrived into Psalm23 like God-sent Angels. They share the same vision and mission as Frieda, and the three of them are gratefully joined together to promote the values and Spiritual Christian message into this new joint venture. Lisa joins with a Law background, Mandy from the family business in fashion jewellery.

Couple this with Frieda’s proven passion to create and design, they form an exciting, strong, passionate team to bring synergy into this newly formed Partnership. They are all passionate and committed to ensuring that part of the proceeds will be given to support the Madagascar missionary, which is where the seed for this company was originally planted.

Essential Oils from Madagascar

Aromabath & Essential Oils

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