Zwifting at Home

My cycling hobby started a few years ago, with my BF and joint crazy adventurer Jason. Having done the   Mendip Challenge 31 mile Ultra Marathon

“What can we do as a “challenge” for charity”… 7 Marathons in 7 days for 7 Charities?    (thats for another blog) this lead on to me using cycling to train for the challenge ahead.

Since then I have been regularly cycling as a hobby, keeping fit and having fun. The OddBalls Cycling Club was born,   Oddballs cycling club  7 or so of us cycling on a Saturday morning.Since then it has grown into a much bigger group with cyclists ranging from a British Team cyclist, to European TCRN cyclists and down to the level that I am at, a fun cyclist who likes to get out and take photos and meet for breakfast, maybe doing 30-50 miles

Sadly having “knocked off my bike 3 times, cars and a van, I lost the enthusiasm for road riding. So I only rode a particular route through the lanes of the Somerset Levels to , Rich’s Cider Barn Restaurant  or  Sweets Tearooms  to meet up with any Oddballs that were out, or indeed any fellow cyclists. Breakfast in any form, usually poached eggs and tea for me:-) And I still enjoy this adventure when weather and time permits

I had brought  Tacx   Cycling Rollers for bad weather cycling, I could still cycle in the home, but this wasn’t what I wanted, so talking to Jason, we looked at “Turbo trainers, and then we discovered  Zwift

Having looked at Zwift on YouTUbe and speaking to people in the know , we decided that the  Suito Elite Trainer was the one we should purchase.. Jason’s birthday was coming up so we purchased two and gifted his as a birthday present… Happy Days H!

Zwift  is a massive community, not just here at home but throughout the world and every day we are cycling with fellow riders from all over the world, not being a technical bod, but the power of this software based programme is staggering bringing thousands of us together all in real time.

This is relatively new to me and am still learning the technicalities and the practicalities. The system basically controls the flywheel on the Suito Trainer in sync with the terrain that you are cycling. Uphill, Downhill or on the flat, very clever and a true “Ride” Being able to ride around London, where I used to go every day driving NX Coach is really rewarding, and I ride here as often as I can.

Two of the routes done this week, with the situation in the world with Covid19 pandemic i am riding every day, and plan to do 10 miles each day. Its fun, its hard (of course) and it can be done in your own home ……….Perfect !

Over the coming months I will learn more and more about Zwift. This blog is my own personal view and you can find out more on YouTube

This not just a cycle watching a tv/computer screen, this really is a performance workout and can be as easy or as hard as you want.. I feel tired, elated, dripping with sweat after even a 10 mile training ride. Choose your elevation as you improve.

This is just a taster about Zwift,  from an enthusiastic cyclist, but I hope to bring you further blogs about my Zwift cycling as I become more familiar and more experienced ….

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A Prayer for Cyclists:

Lord, please help me get through this ride with no problems or accidents. The beauty of nature, the body, and the earth are your gifts and I am grateful that I have been given the chance to see them 


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