Advent leads to Christmas Day the 25th December

 Taken at The Moat surrounding the Bishop’s Palace, Wells (click the link)

The last week or so has been very difficult, my patience has been tested, my resolve has been tested, respect has been questioned and I guess loyalty, but having spoken frankly  to a good friend, providing me with spiritual guidance, my faith has not been questioned

So, Pondering, Life, Happiness, Balance, knowing where you want to go and where you want to be. Life is a spiritual journey, a journey that evolves as we evolve. We make decisions along the way, decisions that map our lives, where we have been and new maps to where we are going. Everything is in our own hands. When you are wronged it is a natural response to seek some resolve, be it a heartfelt and sincere apology or a coming together with a resolution. When neither happens it can deteriorate into a lasting debilitating downward spiral. This has given me the opportunity to gain spiritual advice and see the best way to go forward.

Today is the beginning of Advent, leading up to Christmas Day the 25th December, Christ Mas Day Of course the day, Christmas day has become (for some) a commercial day that includes eating drinking and the giving of presents, and up until less than 2  years ago I was in the spiritual wilderness. Christmas means much more to me know

This season, and it is a season, from the day after Thanksgiving until the 25th December Christians celebrate Advent. This is the period of Advent, its another way of saying “Arrival”. Its a time of waiting, waiting for, in fact its anticipation, waiting in anticipation of something good, something great. This time of year, this season, is a time when Christians wait with great expectation for the birth of Jesus Christ. We tend to celebrate just one day, the 25th his “Birth Day” But, there is much more to celebrate in the days leading up to the 25th. It is the same as my philosophy with regard to my cycling. It is all about the journey, not the final destination. On a cycle ride through the country there is much to see and much to marvel at, to take ones time and stop, reflect and think about the journey, to often in life we are obsessed in “getting there” and actually it is much more fun, much more satisfying and much more enjoyable. I read that when we elevate the means over the end, for him too its about the process not the final destination. Instead of focussing on getting to the 25th, instead of doing the lists of gifts, the parties to attend and everything that we get bogged down with, lets instead be present in the day, and enjoy each day each moment of every day. God is doing his work, lets not miss his process during this Advent season. There are many days, don’t miss these days whilst concentrating on the 25th, because you will miss it all.

I had a Christian upbringing, although my parents were not practising Christians. I was confirmed when I was 13 and having attended a boarding school we attended church  each Sunday and was bought up with a religious education. In my early 20’s I denied God because of my son’s Cot Death, and for the next 40 odd years I never revisited that part of my teenage Christian years. In 2015 and leading into 2016 my life and my belief changed forever, A chance meeting and then a Missionary trip to the Philipinnes, where I talked to people about my life and denial of God, meeting some very special people and always learning along the way. And now I am on a learning journey. Church, living a simple life, my daughters family, grandchildren, and some good friends. There is a truism, it doesn’t matter how big is the house we live in as we come into this life with nothing and we leave with nothing but our soul

Leading through Advent and up to Christmas I hope to write more in my blog, I am also hoping and praying to join an  Alpha  course in January

Alpha is a series of 11 sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each week they (we) talk about a different question designed to stimulate and create conversation. It is an organisation that works around the globe, not necessarily in Churches but in café’s even bars and houses, universities. No two Alpha’s are the same, they are run individually but do have 3 things in common: Food, a talk and then good conversation. This is something new for me but continuing my learning am looking forward to it. I will be meeting the leader in December and the course starts in January. Always keep an open mind, there are new things out there…………… Be happy and thankful for everything and for all the new adventures!

Luke 1:31-33Â You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants for ever; his kingdom will never end