Catching up…….Another record attempt …Everest

Mount Everest in the Himalayas is the highest Mountain on the Planet, at 29,029 feet to the summit.It has been conquered by many. Everest was given its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society upon a recommendation by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India. As there appeared to be several different local names, Waugh chose to name the mountain after his predecessor in the post, Sir George Everest, despite George Everest’s objections

So, there is now a challenge to cycle the summit height of Everest in the shortest time on a cycle. My best friend Jason Smith is in training to complete this next challenge. Seriously started cycle training by completing the elevation required by cycling the shortest distance, a few weeks ago. It is an arduous repetitive journey going up and down a road in Worle/Kewstoke. Anson Road is .11 of a mile up and down, the elevation gain is 87 ft. It will take 333 reps of Anson Road to complete the 29,029 foot elevation needed to surpass the height of Everest. This is a massive test of endurance, and we have a team of cyclists who will be accompanying Jason in relay form to stop the boredom and to offer conversation whilst the attempt goes ahead. This is a training venue, the actual venue will probably be one of 2 locations, Anson Road or Totterdown Lane, Weston super Mare.

Last weekend I accompanied Jason on his training ride at Anson Road. This training ride would be 6 hours 8pm to 2am, my plan was to stay 2 hours, but ended up cycling 3 hours. I found it really hard, hills are not my preferred method of cycling, in fact ask any of our bunch of cyclists and they will all agree, having said that I am getting better. I guess in that time I rode for 2+ hours and gained approx 1500ft, which for me is good and for Jason it was company. At the end of his 6 hours  Approx 5 hours “moving” time he had completed 12,000 ft elevation gain and burned around 5,000 calories. As with any endurance test replenishment is crucial. It was fun, which is really a contradiction, I was shattered and after he had finished Jason was “a little tired” James who is cycling “machine” barely broke sweat! Both James and Jason have completed the JoGLE, (John O’Groats to Lands End)  and I was lucky enough to be one of the support riders, and also got to complete the 100 mile leg from Okehampton into Lands End

The exact date for this attempt is not confirmed but it will be during the Summer of this year.Maybe at some point in the attempt you might want to come a ride a few miles or just lend your support and encouragement.

This week I had planned to go out cycling each evening, but the great British weather had the last laugh again. At 5pm Monday to Friday inclusive it has been pouring, so unfortunately I haven’t been out.

Today was just too good an opportunity to join with friends in Weston for a renewal of our Saturday morning rides. Unfortunately instead of being 8 or so we in fact ended up being just 3. Work commitments and family commitments meant a lot of the guys could not make it, but  myself Jason and James Pendleton, went out for a 30 miler around Wick St Lawrence, St Georges, Sand Bay, Kewstoke, Toll Road, Seafront, Uphill, Bleadon Hill, Canada Combe, Hutton, Uphill, Seafront, Toll Road back to Wick St, which you can view here, Strava route and of course we stopped at Wetherspoons for a “Brekkie” and coffee, which is always welcome. I managed to burn 1,069 calories, but no pain no gain! It was cloudy and chilly when we set off but going up Bleadon Hill and Roman Road the sun came through and it stayed warm all the way back to our home point. The ride along the seafront was great as the sun bought people out in their hundreds. Children playing on the beach, the donkey rides and of course the Grand Pier was open to all.

Today was also the first run out for the Mio Cyclo 200 Navigation unit. Recently reviewed by Del Mottershaw whose blog is Cycle with Del I also searched out reviews on YouTube. One of my criteria was for it to be auto synced with Strava, and with that confirmed, and the rave reviews I bought one. Have to say if you are looking for a really quality unit this takes some beating.

Having been knocked into a ditch recently by an impatient rude driver on Mark Moor my confidence had been severely tested.It happened when Jason and I were out a few weeks ago, this impatient reckless driver was clearly annoyed at being held up on a single track road, and whilst we were doing our best to fins a place to pull in and let him past, he sounded his horn and drove past Jason, brushing him in the side, and then came past me and actually collided with me and put me squarely into the water filled ditch. I could not move and was still clipped into the bike. Jason’s quick thinking he hauled me out by pulling the bike out, with me still attached. Needless to say we were both pretty fed up, as the driver didn’t even stop! But it was good to get out in the sunshine today.

I always like to have a spiritual thought in each of my blogs. It may have nothing to do with the content of the blog, but it is important to me as I travel through this new journey of opportunity, health and spiritual guidance, that I follow my heart into the future. I know where my path is taking me and the turns I make left or right will be the right ones that take me to the perfect happiness, contentment and fulfillment that is predestined for me. Coincidences are just events that were always meant to happen, therefore, there are no coincidences

Thought for the day comes from Book of Psalms 18 and from the Book of John Chapter 4