Hong Kong Evening

Greeted by my friends at Arrivals at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong looks as beautiful as I remember. They dropped me at YMCA The Salisbury Hotel where I had a long overdue hot shower and freshen up, it had been a long number of flights. Dinner

 with the family and friends at their home, a beautiful meal of home cooked cuisine. Thank you guys……………. Hong Kong is a vibrant City with so much to see and do, visit an Outer Island or even venture into the Territories  Disneyland Hong Kong  and  Ocean Park Theme Park are two big attractions

The Night Skyline is famous the world over, and really does need to be seen .Hong Kong Light Laser and Music

Currently under construction is the new Kowloon Station that will bring in the “Bullet Train” which will link Hong Kong and Beijing.

Tomorrow we leave for the Philippines to visit Kids International Ministries and stay for the next 6 days.