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Christian, Father, Grandfather, Traveller, Cyclist, Adventurer, Blogger, Radio Presenter of "The Sunday Hour" ................ "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the Wind" ............... "But the Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control, against such things there is no Law" .............. "This is Amazing Grace"

My Boxes have been collected

Moving to the Philippines  Finally the day came for my possessions, just 4 boxes, were collected and are now going to be shipped across the oceans to manila in the Philippines From there they will be transported overland and by sea to Southern Leyte I should receive them in 14 weeks time My

I am ready!! Moving to Asia, Philippines

Its been a long time waiting for Covid to level down, and now the Philippines is OPEN The SRRV process is complete and I am ready to Fly to Manila and complete the process My name is Keith and this is “Southern Leyte Life” I hope you like what you see, enough to come

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Wells Mells Audax, Saturday Market Netflix

The Craft & Produce Market Day in Wells Saturday 12th Feb, (each Wednesday and Saturday) 100 Audax cyclists descend onto Wells as a 1st check stop Netflix are filming in Wells again, "Straight Shooter" leaving the UK for the Philippines (Southern Leyte) ....... My Balikbayan boxes arrive and time is moving on. I will

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5th September 2021 – New Christian Radio choose The Sunday Hour

  August 2021,  New Sound Christian Radio choose The Sunday Hour for their 9 am Sunday worship broadcast slot. This is very humbling news for us, as this Christian Radio station has chosen The Sunday Hour to be part of their Sunday programming. The Sunday Hour will also be repeated during the week We are

March 8th 2021 Covid 19 a Year On

I wrote 2 blogs here in March 2020 about the Covid pandemic gripping the world 26/03/2020 Family & Community Spirit and 30/03/2020 Grandchildren  What I write below are "My thoughts and my comments alone" A year later and I write this blog, so much has changed in our fragile world. The thought that it would

The God Who Sees – The Sunday Hour 20/12/2020

Today on The Sunday Hour we played the most beautiful story... "The God Who Sees" I admit having tears whilst listening to this, not just once but each time I have listened. After I discovered it I knew I had to play it on The Sunday Hour, even though it is 11 minutes in length,

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01/11/2020 – #Octoberchallenge

#Octoberchallenge  I started this challenge on 1st October to ride 10 miles every day of October, Today was Day 31, and what a journey This challenge was fun, but needless to say it was tough …… I set my target at the beginning to do minimum 10 miles a day, and I achieved that, and

24/10/2020 – The Sunday Hour – New Stations

Am very happy to announce that The Sunday Hour has been picked up by two more radio stations. Belfast's Christian Radio Station: Sunshine 1049 FM Shaky Radio:  Shaky Radio - Parkinson's Community The Sunday Hour is broadcast on Sunshine 1049 FM at 9pm each Sunday. Sunshine 1049 is a 24hour Christian radio station providing positive

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30/08/2020 The Sunday Hour joins West Coast Radio, Auckland, New Zealand

The Sunday Hour radio programme celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of September 2020. It was a programme of requests and dedications from the programme's listeners as well as from Pastor Julian and Reverend Diana. If you go to the "Keith Tee - Radio Presenter" Tab on this web/blog  you can listen to the