March 8th 2021 Covid 19 a Year On

I wrote 2 blogs here in March 2020 about the Covid pandemic gripping the world 26/03/2020 Family & Community Spirit and 30/03/2020 Grandchildren  What I write below are "My thoughts and my comments alone" A year later and I write this blog, so much has changed in our fragile world. The thought that it would

10/04/2020 Lockdown Walk – “Dedicated to Gary Murphy”

10/04/2020 Lockdown Walk I stopped work on 21st February to change to a "Zero Hour"contract at Bristol International Airport, with a view to starting the new contract on 21st March, of course we know what happened in between those two dates, so I have been off for 7 weeks. I was Self-Isolating long before the

31/03/2020 – Zwifting at Home

Zwifting at Home My cycling hobby started a few years ago, with my BF and joint crazy adventurer Jason. Having done the   Mendip Challenge 31 mile Ultra Marathon "What can we do as a "challenge" for charity"... 7 Marathons in 7 days for 7 Charities?    (thats for another blog) this lead on to me

23/03/2020 – The UK Lockdown Coronovirus Covid19

The UK is on a National Lockdown tonight  You can find the nhs details here: NHS Lockdown Conditions Basically these are where we are: Essential Workers to continue working Everyone is to stay at home, only to Leave the House to Shop for essentials One Exercise a day with children but staying together and no mixing

14/05/2016 – Catching up…Another record attempt

Catching up.......Another record attempt ...Everest Mount Everest in the Himalayas is the highest Mountain on the Planet, at 29,029 feet to the summit.It has been conquered by many. Everest was given its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society upon a recommendation by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India. As there appeared to be several

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21/04/2016 – Snowdon slips by…

Thursday 21st April - Snowdon slips by...... Well, its been a very disappointing couple of days. After a good training hike last weekend I was feeling in a good frame of mind and looking forward to this weekend with friends climbing Snowdon for the anniversary of the Nepal Disaster 2015 On Tuesday I had a slight tickle in my

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16/04/2016 – Snowdon Training

Saturday 16th April Snowdon Training Good Day! A quick 10 miles on the bike to Shepton Mallet and return before driving over to West Wick.... Next weekend 150 of us are taking part in Snowdon Hike for Nepal Earthquake One Year Anniversary and as a training prequel to the hike next Sunday I am continuing my cycling

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