The Sunday Hour

The Sunday Hour is an hour long Worship based radio programme. Gospel/Evangelical/Worship music, , Devotionals, Thought for the Day, Sophie's Poem and Storyteller. We welcome your requests and dedications The Sunday Hour is Broadcast every Sunday at 8am and 8pm on SeaBird Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting around the world from the UK. Each

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Taiwan Nov 2019 (Day 1-2)

I am writing this whilst on the second flight from Bangkok (BKK) BR068 to Taipei, Tawan I worked last night 7/11 at the airport (Bristol) arriving home at 07:15. Left home at 11:30 for the Bus station and travelled to LHR by National express Coach Weather was cold , it fell to freezing overnight, but

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Taipai Taiwan Visit 2019

It’s 00:25 on Sunday 3rd November, and I am putting todays show on ready to upload after we have broadcast The Sunday Hour at 7am this morning. We also hope to have the most recent Sunday Hour embedded on my page here at Seabird Radio Everything is ready to go and I hope you will enjoy

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KIM The Journey Begins

KIM The Journey Begins 8.44pm Wednesday 23rd March. Tomorrow I leave the UK to embark on an amazing journey to the Philipinnes to work for a week with Kids International Ministries This being my first Missionary journey, I am taking lots of items to the village and orphanage. The bag has been packed, repacked, and

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An evening in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Evening Greeted by my friends at Arrivals at Hong Kong Airport   Hong Kong looks as beautiful as I remember. They dropped me at YMCA The Salisbury Hotel where I had a long overdue hot shower and freshen up, it had been a long number of flights. Dinner   with the family and friends at

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Philipinnes Easter 2016

Philipinnes Arrived from Hong Kong into Manila Airport, a very full flight with everyone going home for Easter. The temperature hit you like a sledgehammer40 degrees with dense humidity, dehydration a major factor here, especially for visitors. Have been drinking around 2 litres an hour since we arrived. Shaun our driver drove through traffic that

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Our Children, A believers Hope …

Our children., A believers Hope I am a father to a beautiful daughter, Kirsty, (my son Gavin is in heaven) and Grandfather to 3 gorgeous grandchildren Mason, Mia and Logan, and Father in Law to my fabulous son in law Robert. What do they have to look forward to? I have seen many changes in

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