My Boxes have been collected

Moving to the Philippines  Finally the day came for my possessions, just 4 boxes, were collected and are now going to be shipped across the oceans to manila in the Philippines From there they will be transported overland and by sea to Southern Leyte I should receive them in 14 weeks time My

I am ready!! Moving to Asia, Philippines

Its been a long time waiting for Covid to level down, and now the Philippines is OPEN The SRRV process is complete and I am ready to Fly to Manila and complete the process My name is Keith and this is “Southern Leyte Life” I hope you like what you see, enough to come

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Wells Mells Audax, Saturday Market Netflix

The Craft & Produce Market Day in Wells Saturday 12th Feb, (each Wednesday and Saturday) 100 Audax cyclists descend onto Wells as a 1st check stop Netflix are filming in Wells again, "Straight Shooter" leaving the UK for the Philippines (Southern Leyte) ....... My Balikbayan boxes arrive and time is moving on. I will

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March 8th 2021 Covid 19 a Year On

I wrote 2 blogs here in March 2020 about the Covid pandemic gripping the world 26/03/2020 Family & Community Spirit and 30/03/2020 Grandchildren  What I write below are "My thoughts and my comments alone" A year later and I write this blog, so much has changed in our fragile world. The thought that it would

10/04/2020 Lockdown Walk – “Dedicated to Gary Murphy”

10/04/2020 Lockdown Walk I stopped work on 21st February to change to a "Zero Hour"contract at Bristol International Airport, with a view to starting the new contract on 21st March, of course we know what happened in between those two dates, so I have been off for 7 weeks. I was Self-Isolating long before the

08/04/2020 The Sunday Hour is Growing (Update)

The Sunday Hour is Growing (Update) The Sunday now has a 4th broadcast slot. The popularity is growing and we are getting more and more dialogue with various people and organisations with the church both traditional and new. As we are all restricted in our movements at this time and for the foreseeable future, it

05/04/2020 Pastor Julian Richards – The Sunday Hour

Pastor Julian Richards - The Sunday Hour Julian and I met in the winter of 2016, after I had returned from The Philippines where I had been on a Missionary trip to help the Orphans, Children and Street Kids. I was looking for an  Alpha Course  (please click this link, it could change your life)

24/02/2020 – It is so quiet

It is so quiet I woke this morning, later than usual, to find the sun streaming in through the window, I thought to myself ....."After all the turmoil and uncertainty of the days events yesterday, how God can put a smile on my face" In all this uncertainty, God provides a way to bring tranquility

23/03/2020 – The UK Lockdown Coronovirus Covid19

The UK is on a National Lockdown tonight  You can find the nhs details here: NHS Lockdown Conditions Basically these are where we are: Essential Workers to continue working Everyone is to stay at home, only to Leave the House to Shop for essentials One Exercise a day with children but staying together and no mixing