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The Sunday Hour

The Sunday Hour is an hour long Worship based radio programme. Gospel/Evangelical/Worship music, , Devotionals, Thought for the Day, Sophie's Poem and Storyteller. We welcome your requests and dedications The Sunday Hour is Broadcast every Sunday at 8am and 8pm on SeaBird Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting around the world from the UK. Each

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Taiwan Nov 2019 (Day 1-2)

I am writing this whilst on the second flight from Bangkok (BKK) BR068 to Taipei, Tawan I worked last night 7/11 at the airport (Bristol) arriving home at 07:15. Left home at 11:30 for the Bus station and travelled to LHR by National express Coach Weather was cold , it fell to freezing overnight, but

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Departures at Heathrow Local indigenous wildlife in Terminal 4 Heathrow,  was obviously not intimidated by the thousands of passengers but just walked (3 of them in formation flew in and landed!!... well it is an airport lol) about scavenging food. No one seemed bothered. ........ It's pigeon city at T4!

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Journey to Heathrow

Journey to Heathrow The journey up was uneventful, if a bit lonely... :-) Arrived at Purple Parking, the offsite one and joined a queue that seemed to just not move. 6 cars behind and 1 in front. it became clear that the car had a problem. this took 20 minutes, but what can you do?

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Schipol International Airport

Schipol International Airport We landed in Amsterdam, well I assume it was a smooth landing I woke up as we were taxiing to the terminal :-) Had a sandwich on the plane and a cup of tea before I dozed off. Am writing this blog satin the terminal near Gate E as our plane to

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Beijing Landed Beijing with a 2 hour window. It's been a while since I was here and the security is obviously heightened due to the attacks in Brussels. Have just got to the gate to catch flight to Hong Kong. 90 minutes to go thru security (only hand luggage) ...... Headache but only 30 mins

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Beijing delays – Update

Beijing Update So arriving at the gate they were providing us with snacks and drinks. .. now that's good service ..... but no,  hang on! We are delayed, should have left 5 mins ago,  but, no plane at the gate Mechanical problems..... clearly unable to get the plane to the gate lol So we are

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Philipinnes Easter 2016

Philipinnes Arrived from Hong Kong into Manila Airport, a very full flight with everyone going home for Easter. The temperature hit you like a sledgehammer40 degrees with dense humidity, dehydration a major factor here, especially for visitors. Have been drinking around 2 litres an hour since we arrived. Shaun our driver drove through traffic that

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Easter Sunday Manilla

Easter Sunday Manilla Easter Sunday with the children,[gallery The day started early, breakfast at 6.30-7am at Kids International Ministries Philippines ....The question was: Swim or not swim before setting off? ...We were going to a very big church in central Manila...It was going to be an hour to drive and we set off at 8.30. The drive, was a

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