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My Boxes have been collected

Moving to the Philippines  Finally the day came for my possessions, just 4 boxes, were collected and are now going to be shipped across the oceans to Manila in the Philippines From there they will be transported overland and by sea to Philippines I should receive them in 14 weeks time My flight

I am ready!! Moving to Asia, Philippines

Its been a long time waiting for Covid to level down, and now the Philippines is OPEN The SRRV process is complete and I am ready to Fly to Manila and complete the process My name is Keith and this is “The Travelling Sheep” I hope you like what you see, enough to come

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Wells Mells Audax, Saturday Market Netflix

The Craft & Produce Market Day in Wells Saturday 12th Feb, (each Wednesday and Saturday) 100 Audax cyclists descend onto Wells as a 1st check stop Netflix are filming in Wells again, "Straight Shooter" Leaving the UK for the Philippines  ....... My Balikbayan boxes arrive and time is moving on. I will be doing

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