The Seed Church

The Seed Church has become a large part of my life, daily, weekly and I can’t imagine a life without Church now, life without God just doesn’t seem imaginable.

My church is called The Seed, and we have recently moved to a new home, The Churchill Memorial Hall, Ladymead Lane, Churchill BS25 5NH

 The community, warmth, friendships and bonds created within the group has been life changing.

Prayer – Community – Charity – Love

The Seed isn’t just any normal church where you listen to someone preaching and you’re expected to put your hand in pocket to fund for the roof repairs. The Seed is so much more than even I expected, each person who meets weekly says the same. The warmth, the friendships, the understanding about just who I am, who we are, our mission to embrace Christianity and to serve the Lord in any way that seems necessary.

Pray for Someone…….pray for someones health, wellbeing, pray for a better outcome or visit your local church to speak out, share something, be heard, share your feelings with those that do the same for we are all equal and shall embrace lifes challenges. The next time you’re in Somerset, you should arrange to visit one of our church gathering days. We meet on a weekly basis and usually twice a week. At the church meeting we have music, talks, readings and any good excuse for some cake and biscuits.
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Our Children, A believers Hope …

Our children., A believers Hope I am a father to a beautiful daughter, Kirsty, (my son Gavin is in heaven) and Grandfather to 3 gorgeous grandchildren Mason, Mia and Logan, and Father in Law to