Journey to Heathrow

The journey up was uneventful, if a bit lonely… :-) Arrived at Purple Parking, the offsite one and joined a queue that seemed to just not move. 6 cars behind and 1 in front. it became clear that the car had a problem. this took 20 minutes, but what can you do? Having parked the car and got into the Minibus we trooped off to Terminal 4, where a long queue at the KLM Check-in desks was snaking all over the terminal. An hour later, and you will like this, myself and another couple arrived at the front of the queue to be greeted with “Are you on the 06.30?” “No we are on the 08.40 checking in on time as instructed” You will have to wait we have many passengers waiting to check-in for the 06.30 flight (the time is 05.50) So we waited a further 25 minutes…… what happened to “Get to check-in 3 hours before departure??????

Anyway no point getting stressed, except when I got to check-in I had the one that was not really in the best of moods, “Your bag is 200grammes below the 23 kilos” Hmmm? and your carry on is overweight! Carry on? apparently you have 7 kilos? anyway we managed to resolve that issue but I had a Canvas bubble wrapped and taped, weighs about 6 oz., and that caused massive concern….. Hilarious! Needless to say the next issue was going thru security Almost undressed I was let through and then there was the issue with the contents of my rucksack. A wrapped gift for my friend Hector, I told them what it was, no it had to go back through again, and then swabbed for drugs, all the time I am half dressed because my clothes etc. are being held in the queue….. (you couldn’t make it up) finally I got my other things and was told OK all clear. Hey I don’t mind all the security but the one thing they didn’t check was the laptop!!!!!! completely ignored it?? So having lost my straw hat at Dubai in November I said “Where is my hat” yep it to had to go thru the scanner, but it hadn’t come out. “Did you have a hat?” Eventually found it under the conveyor belt but they hadn’t the slightest interest….. You have to laugh!