Pastor Julian Pray for Someone…….pray for someones health, wellbeing, pray for a better outcome or visit your local church to speak out, share something, be heard, share your feelings with those that do the same for we are all equal and shall embrace life’s challenges. The next time you’re in Somerset, you should arrange to visit one of their church gathering days. They meet on a weekly basis and usually twice a week. At the church meeting they have music, talks, readings and any good excuse for some cake and biscuits.

I think we are all growing and developing , and as the weeks and months pass by our faith will become very very important as inevitably we will all know someone who may succumb to this deadly virus.

Pastor Julian Richards  and his “Thought for the Day” was part of The Sunday Hour radio programme

Julian left The Sunday Hour due to increasing workload, and we all wish him well

Pastor Julian’s Thought for the Day 

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