Arrived from Hong Kong into Manila Airport, a very full flight with everyone going home for Easter. The temperature hit you like a sledgehammer40 degrees with dense humidity, dehydration a major factor here, especially for visitors. Have been drinking around 2 litres an hour since we arrived. Shaun our driver drove through traffic that reminded me of Paris! But he was an experience driver here, having come over from America to work for KIM. A young and very interesting man in his early mid twenties.

Arriving at KIM we familiarised ourselves with the surrounding within the compound and acclimatising to the temperature. We spoke to everyone there introducing ourselves and waited for our luggage to arrive in the “big bus” from the airport. Our first visit was out into the “slum area” where many of the local poor people were living. This was always going to be an eye opener for me, most of the students and adults are returning for the second third etc. time, some having been coming here for more than 10 years.

We visited the School, the church and various other building close by. There was a clinic run by KIM for the young pregnant girls and has 2 nurses to assist with the many births to young girls here.

The one thing that came across in every child and adult living here that although they had absolutely nothing and lived in really the poorest of conditions, the smiles that shone through bought tears to you eyes. They need a roof that doesn’t leak and a good floor to sleep on, they don’t need all the trappings of the Western World. The children do not beg but look for a smile and a “High Five” maybe even a cuddle. The children in the orphanage put on a short show of songs for us all, followed by the two groups, Hong Kong and South Korea introducing themselves one by one to everyone.

Tea/Dinner was Noodles and all things vegetable, ate outside, with everyone getting along and making new friends