Christian Radio Show To Serve You

In 2019 I was offered to present on a Radio Station called SeaBird Radio  It’s one of the UK’s rapidly growing Internet stations that plays amazing music and has great fellow presenters.

SeaBird Radio broadcast The Sunday Hour at 8am and 8pm

In late 2019 The Sunday Hour was picked up by local Radio Station GFM 107.1  a community Radio Station who also broadcasts around the world on-line live from their website.

The Sunday Hour is broadcast at 6pm (it is also available for the following week on their “Listen Again” tab

The Sunday Hour is a dedicated to you, your music, your prayers, your messages to loved ones and a beautiful blend of Christian and Gospel music combined with words of worship

The Sunday Hour Radio Show with Keith T

Tune into the waves at SeaBird Radio. The Radio Station has a wonderful mix of chat, amazing music from all genres of music and eras dating from the 1950’s to present day. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day and most presented shows run from 7am through to midnight or later. We also Broadcast Live Shows every week.

Religious Radio Station Show

The Sunday Hour Show on  SeaBird Radio and GFM 107.1 Community Radio

The Sunday Hour Radio Show is uploaded onto the popular radio platform called Mixcloud.

So, if you sadly missed this weeks show, you can click through to mixcloud and listen in good time.

Click to “Play” this random “Sunday Hour” or Click the mixcloud icon to see all previous editions

30/03/2020 – Grandchildren

Schooling and lost time with the Grandchildren

The Lockdown in the UK has been over one week now, and the homeschooling for Mia and Logan has gone really well. It’s been great being with