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Moving to the Philippines 

I live in Wells Somerset, UK, and over the coming 4/5 months I’ll be making videos charting my life and progress in getting everything sorted to retire and live in the Philippines. My YouTube channel “Southern Leyte Life” will be all about my life in the Philippines. 

I left my heart there in 2016 when I was working with Kids International Ministries in Manila, 5 years later am planning my life to live in rural Southern Leyte.

I am inspired by the philippine people, and I have no wish to join an expat community, I am going to live in rural Philippines, and live a simple life, local food, local people, local church, and integrate into the philippine culture. Living in Maujo, Malitbog, Southern Leyte, meeting friends and families

It’s an exciting adventure and all comes from my mission trip in 2016 

I have been living the dream all my life and I intent to keep doing so.       “Embrace the culture, embrace the people, be inspired”

So, I am 66 years old, am fitter than ever, healthy and living life in the best Christian way I can….. 

I had amazing support from my only daughter when I talked to her last year about moving, and she said “ You have to go Dad, live your life, live your dream, you love Asia and have friends there, we will visit” Having the best wishes from Kirsty, Rob and my grandchildren Mason 18 Mia 16 and Logan 10 is what makes this all possible, God bless them ……

Poster credit: Frieda Mak (Hong Kong)

Photo credit: El Ri CT (Philippines)

Photo credit:  Frieda Mak (Hong Kong)

Photo credit:  Frieda Mak (Hong Kong)

Photo credit:  Me (Keith Tee)

Photo credit:  Maujo

Photo credit:  Frieda Mak (Hong Kong)