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Seekingthe right church

As a result of my mission trip to the Philipinnes I have become more actively involved in learning more about God, The Bible, The Spiritual awareness and the fulfilment that we can gain from having belief in Christianity. I am no preacher and I cannot profess to know even a small amount but what I am doing is learning……… Actively learning.

When in Manila I attended church, which was very different than I remembered back in my youth and my twenties, I had always been interested in the “Evangelical Church” and this experience in Manila sparked my need to return to the church, not as in “I have had an amazing vision and I now feel that is where I belong” but more of a slight awakening, coupled to the new belief that Gavin was indeed in heaven. I guess you cannot believe that, and not have some belief in exactly what that means? We all say “I know she/he will be looking down on you” or “Grandma is up there with Grandpa now” So what do we all really think when we say that?

I was advised by a friend that maybe attending an “Alpha” course would be a way of renewing my interest in God, rather than just attending church services. I researched it on the Internet, and was pleased with what I read, it is indeed a really good way of renewing interest and even for non believers. It is really worth a look. Its not “old” and forcing the church at you, it is about experiences, and the first person to talk is Bear Grylls  about “Exploring Christian Faith”

So I researched where the next course might be taking place, this was in October 2016, I was put in touch with The Seed  who would be running an Alpha course in January 2017. I met  Julian Richards at his home before Christmas and we had a long chat over a coffee, very informal, and I have to say I really liked him and what he had to say. I agreed that I would attend the course in early 2017. I was at this time attending church in Wells but unfortunately found it “very old” I guess the impression that is generally given. People standing in church singing hymns and listening to a sermon. This is the way it has always been and of course there are many churches that have good congregations and continue in this traditional manner. I have to admit that it was giving anything to me and that is why I decided to explore Alpha and along with that see if there were any other opportunities to explore.

The sessions for Alpha and it is a 15 session programme mean we all meet on a Tuesday and have a meal, prepared by one of us and bought to the meeting place. Discussions and general conversation before we sit down to watch the Alpha video, this is followed by active discussion on the evenings Alpha session. it is a very friendly meeting and informal. It was only after the first session that I realised the 14 fellow attendees were in fact part of the Seed Church run by Julian. It was after the second session that I decided to join their evangelical church on a Sunday.

Alpha…. A series of interactive sessions to discuss life and the Christian Faith in an informal, fun and friendly environment…. What is there to lose?

So, the future? well I am continuing in the church and hoping to find a way to travel overseas and get involved in some more mission work. The Seed is a small new church but hope that it will grow…. There is a podcast of what we do each week, it is informal, very informative and it is an enjoyable way to learn more about Christ, Jesus and the Bible. These can be found on Android “Play Store” or on the apple “App Store” Search for “The Seed” on their podcast tab

The Seed is a welcoming fellowship, and I look forward with enthusiasm to gaining more knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that there is more than just this life, and that there is more to come. By reading the bible it is apparent that everything can be corroborated, and for me to be at the beginning of this journey, there is so much more to look forward to. The bible is  not a book of fiction, it’s a book of Life. It breathes and gives us new meanings to our lives. Death is not the end. God gives us hope. It’s clearly written in the bible. That’s why every human on earth yearns for eternity because death although inevitable, is not the end. I am new believer and God now gives me this seeking heart to find more of Him through His words. It might sound old fashioned, but old fashion is where our foundation comes from.  I have read books from Timothy Keller and Henry Nouwen that have helped my spiritual growth, learning is part of seeking. I love this new spiritual journey.

Starting my journey with Alpha is my way forward, having attended Wells Cathedral and St Cuthbert’s Church for their Sunday Services, I am pleased to now be part of  new and exciting Christian Fellowship at The Seed

The members of the Seed church are lovely people, friendly, engaging and eager to welcome any new members. Steve and Sarah Stotesbury actively assist proceedings with Julian and Wendy. It is a very informal gathering each Sunday where we sing, spiritual songs, not traditional hymns, listen (and join in) with the reading and of course take communion and after the worship we all have time for coffee and biscuits and just chat about the day or even about any subject, it really is like a family. There is a Bible study class for children and young teenagers that happens alongside the service and that is taken by Wendy.

Every week I look forward to our time at the Seed, meting friends, chatting about the previous week and what we have ben up to, how life has been impacted by the Lord and the Scriptures, Gospels and anything else we may have been reading. What has been happening here and around the world. We are reminded this week about the atrocities in London and Oslo, the continuing problems in Syria.

It is a difficult time around the world and I was reminded of Mathew 24:6 …. you will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

As I grow my knowledge and my journey with The Seed I hope  I will be blessed write more …………………. My life is calm, my life is fulfilling, my journey continues. The path ahead is clear to me

It is the time of approaching Easter, a year ago we were planning our mission to help in Manila ………………….. many happy memories in a life changing experience