Church Life 2 

August 2021,  New Sound Christian Radio choose The Sunday Hour for their 9 am Sunday worship broadcast slot. This is very humbling news for us, as this Christian Radio station has chosen The Sunday Hour to be part of their Sunday programming. The Sunday Hour will also be repeated during the week

We are delighted and grateful, to be able to reach more listeners with NSCR and Pastor Michael Klumpp who gives us his Sunday words and thoughts.

Mike is Pastor at Rich Valley Presbyterian Church and Locust Cove Presbyterian Church 

Rev Diana Greenfield gives us her Sunday Prayer, often whilst walking with her collie Cara and is based at St John The Baptist Church in Glastonbury, Somerset  

New Sound Christian Radio,  is run by founder and CEO  Ronnie Griffin and is based in Newport, SouthWales. Broadcasting to the whole world, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and being a pillar of hope in these times of need.

Ronnie also brings to you the Monday Morning Breakfast show at 8am and the Christian Connect Show every Friday at 8pm. NSCR broadcasts from  The Warehouse Church premises in Newport. You can find out more about the station, the staff and the presenters here: New Sound Christian Radio  

New Sound Christian Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day for listeners in Newport, in the UK and around the world, reaching all continents and many many Christians living in every part of the world.

The Sunday Hour celebrated it’s 100th programme a few weeks ago, and from the first broadcast we have strived to grow, to improve, and become part of every Christian’s Sunday. Spreading the Gospel through words and music to more and more people. word of mouth and sharing have enabled us to reach more and more Christians. The Global pandemic allowed us to take the gospel to many people who could not get to their church and to Christians who never had a church, and we know that we have reached more born again Christians who now see our Lord is real, is compassionate, is forgiving …….. and loves us beyond measure

Music was created by God, and He loves us to use it in our worship of Him. It is a major part of our worship life as Christians and can help to renew our purpose and enable us to pray and support one another.

Having group worship with song and prayer encourages us to stay in unity with God and one another

Radio is a channel for us to be united and worship God across the world. Worship has no language barrier, Worship is a global language used by many people to come together.

We look forward to being part of New Sounds Christian Radio, and joining you all at 9am each and every Sunday, repeated at 8:30pm

Written, produced and presented for you – Worship, Spiritual words, Prayer – The Sunday Hour & New Sound Christian Radio – 9am Sunday and 8:30pm