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Listed are the testimonials and comments that listeners have sent in. Where listeners are happy to have their name (s) included, they will be.

I have been overwhelmed recently as we gain more listeners from around the world and very humbled with comments.

I consider writing, producing and presenting The Sunday Hour a humbling privilege to be able to continue serving our Lord 

More and more of the music is chosen by you the listener and the words and prayers from  Pastor Mike Klumpp  with his “Sunday Hour Thoughts”  Karen Godsey Klumpp  with her “Sunday Hour Ponderings❤️”  and Stephanie Beesley with her passages and verses

The guest contributors again have no mandate, just to spread the gospel through their own experiences… 

If you would like a request/dedication send to me on the “Contact Keith” menu tab 


Testimonial & Comments

Monica Edinburgh:
Hi Keith, Thank you for playing my request on 12th May, Mum and dad were thrilled! A greta programme we love it!!
Phyllis, Mike and family (USA) :
We found your programme, The Sunday Hour, whilst listening to VNetwork Radio in Hartford Connecticut, It was very uplifting, your voice is fluent and the flow of the programme really works well. Pastor Mike captures his thoughts and keeps us wanting more, Karen (we think Mike’s wife) has beautiful moments with her Pondering. Thank you and congratulations, we listen each week and having the facility to listen again  helps us to spread the programme amongst our friends. Thank you Keith, God Bless you and the team
Lynne Richards, (Listens Radio1860) Thank you for thinkingof us in your showw, itwas greatly appreciated. Both The Sunday Hour and the Christmas Hour were lovely to listen to and very much embraced the festive spirit.
Mike & Jean, Cardiff Wales: We both wanted to thank you so much for playing our request on Christmas Day, Bless you Michael, Karen Stephanie for this programme
Kane & Mikaela, USA: Thank you so much for playing our request on the Christmas Day Hour, Mele Kalikimaka, it reminded us of home in Hawaii, Love the Sunday Hour!!
Anita Green, Slough UK: 
Today’s broadcast was incredible! Great Bible readings. Wonderful songs – had me lifting my arms in praise to The Master and dancing around the room
Ted Joanne and children Mary Beth and Jaco, Philadelphia
We love listening to your programme, and you were right in your messages, “Listen in you may be surprised”
The Christmas Day Hour and the programme on 24/12 was really beautiful, the words and the music, Thank you !
Pastor Mike and Karen live 2 states down from us and we wish you and the team a Happy New Year and God Bless
Lynn Richards (Listens Radio1860)
17/12/2023: Listening in with my husband this morning and hearing my name was wonderful.
I had to come on and leave a message for Keith to say thank you and god bless.
Pauline Harris
17/12/2023 :Dearest Keith
Thank you so much for your message, it is not very often you message a station and actual get a response.
I look forward to hearing your show today and on the 24th.
Seasons Greetings and Blessings to you and your family to.
Pauline Harris (listens Radio1860)
03/12/2023 • 09:24
WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!! I tune in to give our new community station a try at the recommendation of my daughter expecting to hear pop songs and chatter. But to my surprise i am sat listening to a religious show and what a pleasant surprise this is and so refreshing to say the least. I do not know the presenter but i do know the lovely Anthony and as always he has thought of everyone in this new venture of his. Bless him and his work. My new weekly favourite is now saved on speaker.

Susan Forsdyke Bishop, Burnham on Sea UK: Thank you, Keith. What another wonderful ‘Sunday Hour’ you’ve put together. I really enjoyed Pastor Mike and Karen’s words, and must admit teared up when you played ‘Come, Jesus, Come’ – I’ve always believed music can heal the soul and inspire you when it’s needed the most! Have a great Sunday. Best wishes S 🙏🏻🐑✝️

Jason (Radio 1860): I’m listening to The Sunday Hour with Keith and I want to say “thank you” for a brilliant show on this Sunday morning. I’m new to Mountsorrel and not yet been to my local church so this fills the gap that I have. I don’t know Anthony but am told he is the one to thank for bringing this station to the village. Keith the presenter is superb, and I think he does a brilliant show

Lyn Richards (Radio 1860): Just listened to The Sunday Hour which we got introduced to by a friend a few weeks back. My husband and myself can’t make it to church service on Sunday like we used to and we miss the connection. Now this Community station is providing this service on a Sunday which is very enjoyable and has a very healing feeling to it. Radio 1860 has everything for us all here in the area with its Pop music, Oldies, Modern, and now a Faith Show. Thank you Ant dfor bringing us this station, and to Keith ofr The Sunday Hour. Amazing work Radio1860

Mike & Liz, Hereford UK: “We love the programme, we felt so uplifted. The blend of words and music touched us in a way we haven’t felt in a long while, God Bless you”

Mary, Toronto, Canada: Hi, You have played “Holy is The Lord” for me before and Can you play again please, by the Toronto Mass Choir. Love your programme the whole family listen and sing along each week

Radio 1860, Anthony Station Owner: The Sunday Hour broadcasting at 9am, Thank you, its a very popular listen on the Sunday schedule

Jayne & Rod, Fulham, London: We listen every week on SeaBird Radio or on your website if we miss it on the radio. We both enjoyed Pastor Mike this week 29/01 (every week of course) his words were very apt for us, We have missed Karen, will she be returning? Could you play Goodness of God by Jenn Johnson please

Mel, Qezon, Philippines: We love to listen to your programme and Pastor Mike this week, his words were special to me, thank you Pastor Mike

Carol, Spain: Thank you for the love of our God to our hearts on this beautiful Sunday hour 🙏♥️

Ann, Wiltshire UK: That was a pretty amazing SH this week, thanks for all your hard work to produce it. Loved hearing ‘There is a higher throne’  again and ‘One pair of hands’ made me cry . Great words from Pastor Mike needed to hear that, and definitely said amen to your closing prayer.

Melanie, Plymouth, Mass USA: A beautiful Sunday hour, thank you for the song for us we feel blessed  and  humble.  Have a lovely day 🙏❤️

Susan UK: I listen to the Sunday Hour and it never fails to inspire and encourage me. It touches me deeply.
Keep glorifying God and uplifting his name and wishing you all Gods blessings for 2023

John Maidenhead UK: Thanks for the SH .. a lovely way to start my day ❤️🙏🏻

Carol Spain Los Chopos: This Sunday Hour makes you feel so much better because you can put all your thoughts in our Lord 🙏 and listen to spiritual words and wonderful songs and prayers from Mike Karen Rowena and Keith my heart is with them every Sunday ♥️🙏

The Hendrix Family, Boston USA: Oh Happy Day, we were so surprised you played our request, THANK YOU … we found The Sunday Hour on Vnetwork Radio, now part of our week

Julie Dubai: Thank you for playing my request “Still” by the Asidors on November 6th, We love your programme and usually listen midweek on catchup, Best wishes from Dubai

Carol & Steve Spain: Thanks Keith for Such a beautiful and comforting Sunday hour we really enjoyed the hour as God is in our hearts 🙏

Ann Puckett UK: Hi. I think I have at last caught up with the SH, had a double bill this afternoon. Great to hear ‘ I have a Saviour ‘ again. Please thank Pastor Mike for his words on this week’s show, made me think 🤔, and great also to hear ‘ He favoured me ‘ . Brilliant as always. x

Ann Wiltshire UK: Wow what a wonderful show this week, thank you. Haven’t heard Lamb of God for ages, and Scars in Heaven brought tears to my eyes, but also reminded me that after all his suffering with illness here in the last year of his life, my lovely Dad is now pain free and held by Jesus nail pierced hands. Then to finish with This is amazing grace, like I said wow what a show x

John, Maidenhead, UK: (listening on the catchup platform) Good SH prog this morning, Ce Ce becoming very popular with your audience 👍🏻

Sue from Porthcawl, Wales: (listening on Website Catchup) I just managed to go for a really long walk and caught up on the Sunday hour. Uplifted, inspired and encouraged as always 🙏❤️
And thank you soo much for that song. How apt was that for my life xxx❤️

The Johnson Family, Auckland NZ: Every week we listen, either on West Coast Radio or through your website, We love it! Praise the Lord! the last song, I Have a Saviour, just inspirational, wonderful, thank you Keith and the team

Jenny Judd UK: Lovely show! Piano backing music from the Lord bless you was great and I loved the slightly longer music interlude after Mike’s thoughts. Thank you for the last song which virtually had an altar call at the end – amazing! I’m sure that will have touched lots of people.

Michael, Plymouth UK: I have just listened on your website, a friend told me I should listen. What a beautiful uplifting programme, unlike the programmes available on Sundays. I am unable to get to church and this has been such a joyful experience

Nigel and Carol, New York: We are so lucky to have your programme broadcasting in the US, we listen on Vnetwork here in New York. Pastor Michael sends his “Thoughts” to us in the most perfect way, Thank you Keith and long may you continue to reach out to so many

Carol, Los Chopos, Spain: Today’s Sunday hour was so uplifting and brought comfort to my heart’s thank you Keith have a lovely day 🙏❤️

Susan Urbano, Porthcawl UK: Thank you soo much Keith and couldn’t have chosen a more apt song. God is sooo good ♥️🙏♥️🙏

Jose Julio Living with Parkinson’s Daily: Thankyou so much for sharing

Jean Tasker – SeaBird Radio listener: Thank you Keith for another uplifting hour. Thanks also to Paul and Seabird Radio for bringing the show to us x

Jenny Judd UK: Well that was a very nice show, one of the best this week! Loved all the songs, thanks for the one for my covid-ridden family! I liked all the songs so definitely a good week! I heard what Mike said and thought that’s not dissimilar from what I’ve been telling you,  well done!

Ann Puckett UK: Thanks for another great show ❤️ . On 2nd August we will have been married for 47years 😲😍 be great if you could play something for us around that time. Thanks x

Marjorie, Wellington NZ: Thank you KeithT

Jim & Bethany, North Wales UK: We wanted to say a big thank you for playing our request, our daughter in Madrid was thrilled, we listen each week. No matter where we are we can always log in to Mixcloud.

Patricia: Thank you for playing my request today, I listen each week and pray for everyone in Salisbury Hospital here and hospitals far.

Sandy & Gareth, USA: Thank you so much for playing “Ancient Gates, Brooke Ligertwood, WE love the programme and listen on Shaky Radio

Wanda, Perth Aus: Thank you for playing my song

Sherily, Cheddar UK: I care so much for your Sunday Hour ministry. Bless you for my request and dedication, Brian Doerkson, “Just as I am”

Carol, Los Chops, Spain: Good morning, Thank you for a beautiful Sunday Hour,

Jenny, Draycot UK: Another good show, and two of my favourites! Really enjoyed Brenton Brown and Marilyn Baker…. Thank you for my request You are Holy by 4Him, I have two of their CD’s now! I am sure a lot of people are blessed listening to The Sunday hour, Well done!!

Sue Urbano Porthcawl, UK : Thank you for the show Keith! Great songs to worship our God

John Scotter at ShakyRadio, Parkinson’s Global Community: The Christian broadcasting I now have, broadcasts nearly all of our Sunday’s programming, with a couple of hours just general entertainment. Keep up the good work of The Sunday Hour. It forms part of a key part of the Christian output of ShakyRadio. Take care.

John from Maidenhead UK: Good morning Keith… Karen… as you said …WOW! ❤️ Wonderful programme this morning, halfway thru it. So uplifting and the best way to start 1st day of 2 days working here at Reading. ❤️🙏🏻🐑

Jenny, Draycott UK: Lovely show again, thanks for playing ‘The Father’s Song’ – I found it very spiritually moving. I think the direction of the show has moved slightly… for the better… from more ‘performance’ to more ‘worship’ songs. Matt Redman, in both his songs today included his worship in his thoughts and speech. This is very effective in encouraging people’s spirits to engage with the Lord.

Maureen, Hong Kong: Beautiful program and god bless you (Comment on Mixcloud/KeithTee)

John, Maidenhead: Good morning dear brother. I listened to Sunday Hour this morning.  As usual I found it so uplifting and enjoyable. Some very nice music in particular I loved the Christchurch choir, and always enjoy the choirboys

Carol, Spain: Good morning Listening to the Sunday hour brought love in my Heart l could feel the lord by my side Thankyou for the wonderful prayers 🙏❤

Susan, Cwmbran: Brilliant show loved the choice of music 🎶🙏❤️

Frieda, Hong Kong: What a brilliant show you have made once again! I was listening to it whilst having my morning jog and it gave me tears when the song Waymaker was playing. It’s a powerful spiritual music programme that as though angels from above are listening too! Thank you Keith! ”  (Comment on Mixcloud/KeithTee) ….. Thank you x

Sherily, Cheddar: Morning Keith,

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the show is this week. You are changing aren’t you as our Lord God is working by the power of His Holy Spirit in your life 

The Sunday Hour this week, shows a new character in you, which can only come when for whatever reason Jehovah chooses 

 l very clearly discern that the show this week and the worship songs you and other people have chosen  were the start of something glorious and new in Christ Jesus within you.

You are a treasure in The Kingdom of God so if you don’t feel it, then pray and ask God to reveal to you what I and I others felt as they listened to your show this week.

Something big is going to take place Keith, a preparation l believe for your future. If l get a prophesy for you or a word from God I will let you know. We are His children and the sheep of His pastures

Bye for now. Have a blessed day.

Frieda Hong Kong : It touched my heart when you played “When you believe”. Thank you for this beautiful show you have brilliantly and thoughtfully made and brought to us.

John, Maidenhead: An hour of music and prayer. Refreshingly different and the perfect start to a Sunday. Thank you Sunday Hour and thank you Keith

Carol, Spain: The Best way to gain Wisdom is by Applying God’s word to your life And Keith you give us this in the Sunday hour bless you 🙏❤

Semisi Rasivo Musical Artist: Wow Glory be to God, I thank God for this opportunity and your ministry, really didn’t expect to be aired in UK Radio program, But God is just awesome. Thanks for doing that, may God continue to shower His blessings upon your life and you family. Please if there is a way for us to listen in to, or link to your station for us to get connected will great to have. Trail the Blaze of Fire Ministry 

Carol, Spain: Good morning l am feeling very close to the Lord the Sun is shining and the Sunday Hour was Beautiful 🙏🐑

Whatsapp/Txt: Goodness of God is one of my favourites and I have not heard this reggae version ….. absolutely love it, please play again soon

Carol, Spain: The spirit of the lord was so deep in my Heart on this wonderful sunday hour small tears fell as today l will seat in our lovely little church and say a prayer🙏 for you and my love ones who l know are still safe and for the ones God keeping safe
Have a lovely day Keith ❤🙏

Ann, Powis, Wales:  Another lovely hour, thank you, especially loved the version of The Blessing, like you it brings tears to my eyes.

Carol, Spain: Good morning Listening to the Sunday hour in the garden and it beautiful 🙏❤ Hugs and worship to you, A beautiful Sunday hour🙏

Frieda Hong Kong: You’ve played one of my favourite songs SAFE, gave me goose bumps as i was hoping it’ll be on this week.. thank you.

Messenger: You never cease to make me cry each week, thank you so much for your Blessed Sunday Hour 

Mary in Wellingon NZ: Great addition to your programme with Pastor Mike

Jean Brisbane Aus: Pastor Mike, beautiful words, Love your programme Keith every week

Messenger: Really enjoyed the Sunday Hour Keith , have listened to everyone since you came to Wave 

Peter Auckland NZ: Haven’t missed a programme since you started broadcasting on WCRFM, this week Pastor Mike Amen!!

Messenger: What a wonderful way to start my day, Beautiful words and you choose the music to compliment the words so well, Bless you for being such a servant of God

Sue Cwmbran: Loves this weeks show. Great songs and words. Lots of reflection and tears today

Whatsapp/Txt: Absolutely loved the programme this week, Keith. Had a great time worshipping and praising God

Sue Cwmbran: Just listened tho the Sunday Hour before work. Blessed and Humbled as always. Thank you Keith

Messenger: You give me such a start to our Sundays Keith, we usually listen twice … wonderful, thank you 

Whatsapp/Txt: what a beautiful show today and absolutely loved your prayer at the end

Sherily Messenger: You are Jesus’s Warrior for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I feel so humbled and privileged to have met you so I could support you with prayers. These opportunity’s don’t come along that often in life where you can see where God is leading one of His people 

Carol Spain: This morning The Sunday Hour was wonderful, I feel wrapped in God’s love.Very special to hear Pastor Mike

Whatsapp/Txt: Good morning, what a lovely morning, with wonderful music and prayers

Jenny Whatsapp/Txt: Your Sunday Hour is in a different league !  I loved absolutely all of it! ALL of it! I sang,  I worshipped and I had tears!  THANK YOU – a beautiful show!! 

Steve & Carol: Thank you for the beautiful song for us

Whatsapp/Txt: Thank you for a beautiful Sunday Hour, you bring so much joy to many people. I am one of those people, I know the Lord is with me today every day

Messenger: Lord thank you for Keith’s ministry.

Whatsapp?Txt: Thank you Keith for starting my Sunday in such a beautiful uplifting way

Instagram: This is incredible!! it all sounds absolutely wonderful

Sue Whatsapp/Txt: Tears again…. Wiping the tears away, is never a sad thing just the Lord speaking to me thru your programme, thank you KeithTee

Messenger: Hi KeithTee, Thank you for your mentions on The Sunday Hour and your custom, playing in our coffee shop

Instagram: Looking forward to The Sunday Hour

Instagram: Loved the show! Now an avid fan. Really enjoy the line-up, prayers were wonderful, as was the exceptional music choices. Thank you for your ministry!

Carol & Steve Whatsapp/Txt: Up lifting morning Thank you so much for the words for our granddaughter Georgia, and have a lovely day. Carol and Steve xx 

Ann Powis: Have just spent a nice hour by the fore listening to this week’s Sunday Hour, thank you for another great show, thank you for the dedication

Messenger: Have been feeling Blessed and tearful so listening to The Sunday Hour gave me so much comfort and strength, thank you Keith

Messenger: Just listened to The Sunday Hour, Pastor Julian really helped this morning with his Thought for the day. Thank you

Txt on Signal: I believe you will be one of the greatest gospel music radio presenters in the world

Messenger: You do such good work in this endeavour. So many hear the Gospel who may never enter a formal church building. I will do anything/everything possible to spread the word

Whatsapp/Txt: You are truly blessed on The Sunday Hour

Facebook: So looking forward to listening from Spain. Thank you Keith for making Sunday so special. Carol & Steve

Jenny Whatsapp/Txt: Perfect start, perfect content, perfect ending… You have a talent and a good heart, My Sunday is calm ……

Facebook: Sundays are so much better now I listen to your programme, so uplifting in this strange world

Facebook: Good morning everyone listening to the Sunday hour, Pastor Julian just helps me this morning with thought of the day. Your programme is so uplifting,  have a lovely day 

Facebook: The Sunday Hour gives me so much comfort

email: I listened at 8 and again at 11, Wow, not what I expected …. Thank you for giving me a beautiful Sunday morning

Jean Facebook: Thank you for my mention Keith and your uplifting show this morning on SeaBird Radio

Mari Singapore Facebook: Listened to The Sunday Hour on Kaibigan Radio Philippines. Thank you for playing beautiful and encouraging Christian songs

Ann Facebook: Just caught up on mixcloud, another lovely Sunday Hour, thank you I really enjoyed it

Ann Facebook: Beautiful and so true. What an awesome God we have

email: I had a lovely afternoon listening to the Sunday Hour in Perth, Aus. What an uplifting hour, thank you

Jean : Thank you Keith and everyone who took part. Lovely words and songs. Your show fills the gap that is left now i can’t go to The Salvation Army. You are now my Sunday Service. Thank you again 

Whatsapp/Txt: Thankyou Keith, Pastor Julian and Rev Diana a very lovely morning Listening

Debbie Whatsapp/Txt: Good morning beautiful show Keith, I loved the African choir singing The Lords Prayer , so uplifting 

Sherily Messenger: Good morning Keith Very good show as always. I listened to the show about 11pm last night and heard you say Good Morning Auckland amazing isn’t it!  I wonder where the next country will be. Thank you for the dedication I enjoyed that song.” You give me hope” and it was another new one for me haven’t heard of that lady before. Where do you find all your material from? You played a favourite of mine early in the show as well.  I really want to worship you my Lord. The other song I really enjoyed was the version of The Lords prayer that was so beautiful. I think it is such a blessing to have you on the airways may it long continue to reach people far and near. l think that all of your listeners will be looking forward to such a diverse mix of wonderful worship music and Julian and Diana and of course most importantly YOU.. Thank you so much.

Katarina Messenger: I love the show. Just started listening to The Sunday Hour Auckland edition 🌜🎵😍  you have such a good voice for radio

Messenger: I’ve been listening to some of your mixcloud episodes, thanks for the multiple mentions. It means the world to me. I’ve been feeling very anxious lately to be honest, but last night your lovely choice of songs and soothing reflections on God’s goodness put me in a state of peace and calm

Facebook: Thank you Keith for another hour of worship. Missed this morning so listened now. Some lovely words and prayers said tonight. Thank you to everyone who contributes and you for putting it all together

Mary Whatsapp/Txt: Beautiful music and words, I was recommended to listen and I was surprised… Thank you 

Whatsapp/Txt: This is a beautifully made programme! The transition between the words music and links is very very good, it is a programme that did surprise me and will recommend  

John Messenger: Loved the show today Keith Tee, such an uplifting way to start my Sunday 

Facebook: Thank you. I was the one who was blessed. Your show took on a new dimension for me tonight

Messenger: Thank you for playing all my request on last  Sunday Hour looking forward to this Sunday Thank you pastor Julian and Diana and Keith and all the team

Messenger: I am sure the listeners are loving your show Keith, my sister listened today for the first time . Another wonderful start to my day 

Facebook: Thank you Keith for a beautiful Sunday hour word from you and pastor Julian was very warming. l must try harder but sometimes l slip up but l know he’s very forgiving, enjoy a lovely day. l know l will as l have the the Lord with me always 

Messenger: “Praise You in this Storm” Love this song, am crying 

Messenger: Keith Tee, Brilliant show again. Thank you have a blessed day 

Messenger: You have a gift from God there is no doubt. Thank you for everyone who listens.

Messenger: You have touched my heart today, you touch my heart each week, The Lord is with us all, thank you for spreading the word and music of our Lord Jesus 

Whatsapp/Txt: Lovely Sunday hour and for my request. Abide with me was very comforting as it was one we played at my Father in Law’s funeral and just one of many he enjoy singing at his church. He would always have the children around him at church so Thank you 

Messenger: That’s lovely from our friends from Holland thank you Keith, xx So thoughtful xx

Facebook: Spiritually uplifting it was indeed, I have sent links to my friends at our church

Whatsapp/Txt: Thank you so much for playing my request and for my colleagues. Praise the Lord 

Pastor Julian: Wendy and I enjoyed the programme whilst walking Bonkers today 

Messenger: Absolutely love this song (Child of Love) 

Messenger: Hillsong and What a Beautiful Name & Break Every Chain, gave me tears.. what a lovely programme  Thank you for playing beautiful Christian songs.

email: This is my go to song when I’m down. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. I have decided that when this is over I am going to take the plunge and go to Oz.  God willing.  I lost my confidence and God is slowly restoring my adventurous spirit 

Messenger: Another wonderful program KeithTee, uplifted my soul today just when I needed it. Bless you 

Messenger: Was listening quietly with the sea. Beautiful music and thoughts from scripture Bless you.

Whatsapp/Txt: Pastor Julian and Reverend Diana really do compliment your music and words Keith. Thank you