Taiwan, a country that I visited for the first time in June 2016. Visiting my very good friend Fred Wu and his family and friends

Majestic Mountains & Friends

Taiwan, Majestic Mountains, Fantastick Hiking Trails, and Exhuberent Festivals A country with everything and yet is an underrated destination. Towering Mountains, Eight National Parks, Offshore Islands and Many Hot Spring Resorts

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March 8th 2021 Covid 19 a Year On

I wrote 2 blogs here in March 2020 about the Covid pandemic gripping the world 26/03/2020 Family & Community Spirit and 30/03/2020 Grandchildren  What I write below are "My thoughts and my comments alone" A

24/02/2020 – It is so quiet

It is so quiet I woke this morning, later than usual, to find the sun streaming in through the window, I thought to myself ....."After all the turmoil and uncertainty of the days events yesterday,

11/11/2019 – Taiwan (Day 1-2)

I am writing this whilst on the second flight from Bangkok (BKK) BR068 to Taipei, Tawan I worked last night 7/11 at the airport (Bristol) arriving home at 07:15. Left home at 11:30 for the

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06/11/2019 – Taipai Taiwan Visit

It’s 00:25 on Sunday 3rd November, and I am putting todays show on http://www.mixcloud.com/KeithTee ready to upload after we have broadcast The Sunday Hour at 7am this morning. We also hope to have the most recent Sunday