I am writing this whilst on the second flight from Bangkok (BKK) BR068 to Taipei, Tawan

I worked last night 7/11 at the airport (Bristol) arriving home at 07:15. Left home at 11:30 for the Bus station and travelled to LHR by National express Coach

Weather was cold , it fell to freezing overnight, but coming into T2 I have never been in a terminal, anywhere in the world that had an AirCon temp so cold , needed coffee to warm up!


Its very clean. Transfer through Security was surprisingly quick (thankful) Food outlets were good, I had Chicken veggies and noodles, really nice

Having not been to sleep that previous evening I knew I would be able to sleep on the flight , and really hoping I would get a window seat (I never pee on a flight, no matter how long) so having a window seat means not getting disturbed, sadly the flight was full, not a spare seat and yes, I had the middle of 3

Decided to watch a film before sleep, next thing I was being shaken by the guy in the window seat, yea he needed to go, that was about 3 hours init sleep, he returned and I managed to go back to sleep, and woke for breakfast. We were then some 90 minutes from Bangkok so I guess I slept for 8+ hours, a result!!

I only wanted nice and a cup of tea but decided to also have the Salmon and smoked cheese (Yummm)

Apparently there was some major turbulence into the flight some bags fell … me? Never felt or heard a thing :-)

Arrival into Bankok was smooth and the transfer to the next flight was also really quick and efficient (have transited through Bankok many times, and usually it has been a depressing affair, but this time, pleasantly surprised, and the airline staff really friendly

I realised going thru security when asked if I had a battery (recharge for phone) that I had left it at home, but I charged mine at the gate, so all is well, how we manage without a phone, well actually its a high powered computer these days! And we have our lives on them, flight to Taipei boarding

So I am here on this 3hr20m flight from Bangkok (BKK) BR068 to Taipei, Taiwan, schduled into Taipei at around 22:00

Listening to The Sunday Hour from last week, and will be presenting the show from Taipei tomorrow (Sunday)

Now 90 minutes to go, its been a good day (will be 24 hours with the time difference +8hrs) We actually landed 40 minutes late but getting baggage was quick, through security and out into Arrivals , Fred was waiting, was good to see him , next was to get a local SIM card (always do this when flying) Fred’s driver arrived and whisked to Taipei and the Hotel

Arrived at Hotel …. Tired from the two flights even tho I slept well on the first leg