Rev Rowena Frances

We are very happy to announce that Rev Rowena Frances, Wells United Church , Wells Somerset has joined the team at The Sunday Hour

Rev Rowena has been a periodic contributor to the programme since 2021. 

Rev Rowena was raised in Leicestershire, UK.  During her 20’s she trained as a State Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife, welcoming the opportunity to share with folk as new life arrived and as life was transformed through death. She then  graduated in Behavioural Sciences, a fascinating course, before training as a United Reformed Church Minister. She has been ordained for 31 years serving in the UK places of Kettering, Stroud, Coventry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne before moving to Wells, Somerset in 2014.  She was widowed  in 2013. She loves dogs but only borrows other people’s dogs these days.

Rev Rowena feels strongly that churches and communities need to support and empower one another that life can be the best it can be for all; because our loving God desires a good abundant life for all creation.

Rev Rowena  was first on The Sunday Hour in October 2021, and more recently in February and March 2022

Wells United Church: Knowing and showing the grace of God is what this community of Christians is all about.



Durning August /September 2022 Rowena was part of a mission trip to Palestine and Israel and sent back Audio files for broadcast on The SundayHour, you can listen to these and all  Audio files  by clicking this link:

 Rev Rowena Frances

Going forward, Rev Rowena’s Audio words will be uploaded to her page, after Sunday’s broadcast

The Sunday Hour is broadcast on radio stations around the world, and this information along with broadcast times can be found by clicking this link:  Global radio stations and broadcast times

Rev Rowena’s local Community Radio station is GFM 107.1 Community Radio broadcasting from Glastonbury on FM radio, to Wells, Street, Glastonbury and surrounding villages, and on-line around the world on-line

Links and times GFM107.1 Community Radio

Rev Rowena joins Pastor Mike Klumpp and Karen Klumpp on The Sunday Hour