Am very please to announce that The Sunday Hour will be broadcast by Radio 1860 Community Radio at it’s best

LRYFS – Leicestershire & Rutland Youth & Family Services

Radio 1860 serves the local area of Leicestershire & Rutland, and also the global audience with its Internet stream and is lead by Founder Anthony Marvin

Anthony is also Youth &Community Officer, and alongside hime is Joshua (Support worker & Education Develpoment)

Brian (Youth Worker)  Cola (Youth Worker) & Rosie (Youth Worker) more details can be found here Radio 1860 staff info

Anthony: “I am Anthony Marvin, father, partner, youth & community officer and founder of Radio 1860. I am a lover of music and use it as a therapeutic medium. I set up Radio 1860 as part of my youth and community projects, getting young people and members of the community involved in the development, production and delivery of the programmes. It is a learning tool as well as a great community station. Radio 1860 is a Leicestershire based internet radio station that has a mix of everything that will hopefully appeal to everyone who listens in. From music to talk, current affairs and sports, it should interest a wide variety of listeners”

The Sunday Hour will be broadcast on  Radio 1860  at 9am each week starting on the 27th August 2023, and Anthony has said “I can schedule it for around 9am which as a good listener time for a Sunday and pre church service in the local villages which is 11am”


Listen Live: Radio 1860 is here


The Sunday Hour is a different unique  Sunday Hour

Pastor Mike Klumpp with his “Sunday Hour Thoughts”

Karen Klumpp with her “Sunday Hour Ponderings❤️”

Verses sent in by Stephanie Beesley

Words and passages from me too Keith T Radio Presenter

Music from the finest Bands and Artists from around the world

Guest appearances

Send me a Request by email or as a voice file here:

We will play voice requests on air too.

WhatsApp requests and dedications & voice files Facebook Messenger

Whatsapp: 07774 731 823

Whatsapp Int. +44 7774 731 823

Have a Blessed day 🐑🙏❤️