It’s 00:25 on Sunday 3rd November, and I am putting todays show on ready to upload after we have broadcast The Sunday Hour at 7am this morning. We also hope to have the most recent Sunday Hour embedded on my page here at Seabird Radio

Everything is ready to go and I hope you will enjoy the show. All the favourites held together with some amazing Uplifting Worship Music from some wonderful bands and individual artists

This coming Friday I fly to Taipei, Taiwan to visit with some really special friends. The show WILL be broadcast and I hope to have photos to put in a post here next Sunday, and an update on what I am doing.

Thank you everyone for your support in listening to The Sunday Hour and spreading the word, which in turn spreads the words of Our Lord far and wide…..

If anyone wants to contact the show, make a request or a dedication, or to leave a message, just go to the “Contact” Tab on the main Seabird page, I would love to hear from you