The UK is on a National Lockdown tonight 

You can find the nhs details here: NHS Lockdown Conditions

Basically these are where we are: Essential Workers to continue working

Everyone is to stay at home, only to Leave the House to Shop for essentials

One Exercise a day with children but staying together and no mixing with friends

Go to help neighbour with Medical needs or to shop for them

Strictly no gatherings of more than 2 people

Boris Johnson UK Government Leader made the announcement in an address to the country at 20:30 this evening Prime Minister’s Address 20:30 on Monday 23rd March 2020

I  have been in “Self Distancing” mode for 10 days and I am now on Full Lockdown in my home. I have plenty of food, and drink, I have the Internet and I have my phones. This will be a trial for me for sure, I love my family, Daughter Kirsty, Son in Law Robert, and Grandchildren Mason, Mia and Logan, and, Coco the family Beagle, who I have seen every week since they were born…. so this will be very very hard. They live aprox 20 miles away from me but we will FaceTime every evening. We had a FaceTime after the PM’s Address, it was emotional of course, but we are all resolute in our support for the Nurses and Doctors who are risking their lives to try to defeat this dreadful virus. Coronovirus Covid19

Being under Lock Down is a very small price to pay for our health and our freedom… It is a shocking virus that is killing thousands of people, and will be hundreds of thousands or even more. Stopping this virus is a monumental task and will take all the Scientific and Medical resources on the planet to try and kill it dead.

So…. We must keep calm and do as we are told. I am going to continue to make my radio programme each week, and I will be “talking and seeing my family” daily to keep the love flowing. I will be able to Face Time my very dear friend Frieda and family in Hong Kong and my “Brother” Fred in Taiwan… My friends here in UK and around the world are just a Whatsapp away.

Will it be hard? You bet, but we have no choice… I will be positive, I will call my family and friends to make sure they don’t feel alone. I have my church family at The Seed (Click on the Church tab at the top of this page) 


Show me your ways Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day


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