Morrinsville , Waikato is in the Northern Island of New Zealand, South of Auckland


John Howlett  chose The Christmas Day Hour to play into Christmas Day for Positively Morrinsville 87.7fm last year, and in July of 2022 The Sunday Hour was chosen to be the 8am programme each Sunday for this Community Radio Station

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We are very happy to be broadcasting from their studios in Morrinsville, and look forward to a long and happy relationship with John and the station. Positively Morrinsville 87.7fm


In 2015, the world’s first family of Positivity Radio stations blending music with aspirational words of wit and wisdom was launched.

Every Positivity Radio station is news-free, commercial-free, listen for free. Without any promotion this family of over 50 radio stations has attracted millions of supporters worldwide, simply by word-of-mouth.The power of positive thinking has been scientifically proven to improve the work-life balance, enhance physical and mental health, boost confidence and improve relationships.

Our aim is to guide you towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Positively Morrinsville 87.7fm  Positively Morrinsville is the local go-to station for not only Morrinsville and its districts and can be heard by anyone on the planet with an internet connection. We feature community news and events and the very best music mix with no commercial advertising or news bulletins. Whether you need something great to listen to on your way to work, or you refuse to miss out on local news, events and great music, Positively Morrinsville provides listeners with hours of pure entertainment


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