Rev Diana at work …..

Rev Diana Dingles Greenfield having fun ………..

The Revd Diana Greenfield knows more about dance music than most ordinands, having been a nightclub chaplain during her eight years as a Church Army Officer in Maidstone, Kent. She says that nightclub revellers are “surprisingly open to spiritual things, as long as you don’t force it on them”.

Sister Greenfield (her Church Army title) decided to train for the priesthood after realising that “there was an important role for the ordained priest within fresh-expressions communities”.

I became aware of Diana by chance when I heard her on GFM107.1 Radio, doing an interview on the Monday morning show  I was bowled over by her voice and cheerful disposition. Diana finished with a prayer for a friend who was returning to frontline working.

At this point I knew that I wanted Diana to be part of The Sunday Hour

Reverend Diana Greenfield

 Weekly Thoughts and Prayer

10/01/2021 With Cara – Video Prayer: A Change in the Seasons

03/01/2021 With Cara – Video Prayer: New Year Prayer

27/12/2020 At home – Video Prayer: Last Prayer of the Year

25/12/2020 At home – Video Prayer: Christmas Day Prayer

20/12/2020 At home – Video Prayer: Advent Prayer 4

13/12/2020 At home- Video Prayer: Advent Prayer 3

06/12/2020 At home- Video Prayer: Advent Prayer 2

29/11/2020 At home – Video Prayer: Advent Prayer 1

15/11/2020 In The Office – Video Prayer: The Peace of God

08/11/2020 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer: The Beauty of Creation

01/11/2020 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer:   All Saints & All Souls  

25/10/20220 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer: Prayer for Autumn

18/10/2020 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer: Harvest

11/10/2020 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer:  International Day of the Girl

04/10/2020 Walking with Cara – Video Prayer:  Brother, Sister let me Serve You

27/09/2020 – Gatherings

20/09/2020 – Trust in God

13/09/2020 – The Passing of the Summer

06/09/2020 – Change of Season

23/08/2020 – Live and Pray

16/08/2020 – Gods Place

09/08/2020 – Anniversary & Thanksgiving

02/08/2020 – Lammas Tide

26/07/2020 – Creater

19/07/2020 – Can we Sing again in Church

12/07/2020 – World Population Day

05/07/2020 – Creative God

28/06/2020 – God of the Elements

21/062020 – Summer Solstice

14/06/2020 – A Prayer for the Church

07/o6/2020 – Trinity Sunday

31/05/2020 – Pentecost

24/05/2020 – The People of India

17/05/2020 – Thy Kingdom Come

10/05/2020 – Prayer of Gratitude for Creation

03/05/2020 – Give Thanks

26/04/2020 – Trust in God

19/04/2020 –  End Prayer Giving Thanks

12/04/2020 – Easter Sunday

05/04/2020 – Palm Sunday