Schooling and lost time with the Grandchildren

The Lockdown in the UK has been over one week now, and the homeschooling for Mia and Logan has gone really well. It’s been great being with them on Face Time, Messenger Video and Whatsapp video. It’s hard for them and all the children who are away from school, having gone from a structured disciplined day. The teachers who have everything set out and planned. For many this is a welcome part of their schooling day that they are used to, one they don’t need to think about, it happens, every day Monday to Friday

Although it would seem like a great idea to have so much time off, it really isn’t, but I know the children probably wouldn’t admit it :-) But of course the older students who have been studying hard for their exams are going to have to now wait to see what happens with their GCSE’s its a tough time for them too, and for the students that have not been able to take their A Levels that will allow them into University…. It has a knock on effect throughout the schooling structure. It’s a time for having some sympathy and empathy for these children and students. I certainly wish them the very best for a healthy and positive future .

Now the parents are drafted in to try and school the children, a job that they are of course not equipped to do, but are trying so hard … and I applaud them all.

We managed to have time together just before the lockdown, we played games, Uno and a Chinese Chopstick game, great fun family times.


Let’s not forget that these 3 months spent at home, plus the summer holidays is a long time for the parents and the grandchildren, most children will not know this long time spent away from school.

I have been very happy to be called during this first week, with “Dad, Logan wants to ask you a question about school work” so we have these special times on audio/video with me explaining what certain things mean and how to go about finding the answer. I have never been one to “do their homework for them” but if i can help them in the right direction to arrive at the answer then I think that is also teaching them to use their thoughts and powers of investigation.

I have always thought that children should be allowed to be children, and the intense pressure they are under from a very early age doesn’t give them time to develop from a toddler into a child. (just my own opinion)

Logan did some great work during this week, but important to have breaks. and downtime , and Mum too, after all it isn’t a classroom and it isn’t school, and I think we must be mindful in terms of expectations.


All ready for maths

Why the camel owner should treat his camel better

View into the garden

Rain Forest

When I was at school (oh dear that sounds like there is going to be a “it was harder” – but no) I think it is actually harder at Logans age. He seems to be more advanced than I can remember at 8 years old (1963)  But we have had fun helping with his work, and even some laughs and giggles, but also some frustration too…………


Lunchtime and Break time


This exercise really got Logan thinking, in fact it got me, Mia,Mason and Mum thinking :-)  We even sent to a friend and they got No.12 But we still struggled with No.8 Do you know?

Easter is coming so it will be their natural break for a week/fortnight… and of course a lot of work these days is done on-line so it is immediately uploaded to the school site, it should also mean that parents can interact with the teachers a lot more than if the children were at school.


I have loved interacting with my grandchildren and I look forward to more this week. Of course with the lockdown the people who miss out on the physical interaction is the Grandparents, its like having your world turned upside down. Personally I see my family every Sunday and sometimes during the week, but always Sunday, and it is very hard not to able to touch them and cuddle. By the end of all this there are going to be many happy grandparents and cuddle hugs and kisses will abound for sure. We must also remember, sadly, that some grandparents may not be here when this does eventually all come to an end. It’s a reality that we cannot hide from, and thats why this situation is so so bad, we must do everything we can to ensure that we do not spread the Covid19 around. Self Isolate, Self Distant, I have been in isolation now for 2 weeks and the road ahead is a long and dangerous one, and I am doing all I can to make sure I see my grandchildren again, and I sincerely hope you are too.

My Sundays are not the same for the reason of the children, and the family Sunday Lunch that I am also missing very much. I don’t live close enough to have one dropped at my door, but it will taste all the better after so long.

Love and miss my family xxx

God willing we will come out of this the other end ….


Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous, Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you wherever you go



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