Thursday 21st April – Snowdon slips by……

Well, its been a very disappointing couple of days. After a good training hike last weekend I was feeling in a good frame of mind and looking forward to this weekend with friends climbing Snowdon for the anniversary of the Nepal Disaster 2015

On Tuesday I had a slight tickle in my throat and immediately though I had caught something from the schoolchildren that I ferry to schools (Coach Driver) I took the action and bought antiseptic throat spray and of course drinking Warm water, Hot water with Lime/Lemon/Honey and fresh Ginger, I also use Young Living Essential RC oil rubbing on neck and chest. This bug has been going around since Christmas and last time it was with me for 5 weeks so I have taken precautions and hope to strangle it quickly.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for Snowdon on Sunday is Snow for the summit and wind bringing the projected temperature down to -6 to -10 and having taken advice from my climbing partner Jason Smith it was decided that I should probably give it a miss this time. I certainly wont be 100% but had hoped the weather would be mild. Snowdon Walks

I will be giving it another 24 hours before making the final decision, but have to take into consideration my health and of course the safety of myself and my climbing partner.  It is ironic that the last time 2 years ago that Jason and I planned a weekend climbing Snowdon that we couldn’t make it due to a snow storm and blizzard stopped us 20 miles short of Snowdon and indeed we had to just wild camp beside a river. Conditions that night were bad, high winds and driving snow, putting up the tent was interesting to say the least, and cooking a hot meal before sleeping would have made a Hilarious video :-)

I have climbed Snowdon before and will again, but this weekend was going to be very special, and I am sure that 150 invited people will have a memorable weekend. Of course everyone will be keeping safety very firmly in the forefront of their minds, and I wish them all well, and that the weather does not worsen on Saturday night through to Sunday and change their plans  Climb Snowdon for Nepal

I will keep the fitness levels up through my cycling and walking and will make plans to climb perhaps in July

Have faith in God and we can accomplish any goals that we set for ourselves. He will give us the resolve, the strength and the commitment we need. I pray that God will look over all of the climbers on Sunday and give them the help to accomplish their goal, to help all the relatives of the victims of the tragic Nepal Disaster 2015.