The UK where I live is changing rapidly with The Coronavirus Covid19 currently ravaging the World

Self Distancing is the big problem in the UK, “Some” members of the UK Human Race seem unable to grasp the concept of Self Distancing, with such a virulent virus killing thousands around the world, the Government in their infinite wisdom is merely advising people to Self Distance themselves…. And the crowds gathering during the day and even at night is frightening.

I had the opportunity to visit best friend Jason this week before total Lockdown would be enforce. It was emotional, but we are keeping in touch daily with FaceTime/Zoom/Facebook Video/Messenger Video/Whatsapp Video.

The Sunday Hour Radio Show is going from strength to strength with ever increasing numbers and I am sure more and more people will be listening as the lockdown takes hold. Requests Dedications and much more, you can listen to the latest 3 shows on the home page where you will find them

Will be posting a daily blog from now on, keeping everyone up to date with my world and what i have been up to

Stay tuned !!

Bonjour xx


Proverbs 12:25

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up 

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