I started this challenge on 1st October to ride 10 miles every day of October,

Today was Day 31, and what a journey

This challenge was fun, but needless to say it was tough ……

I set my target at the beginning to do minimum 10 miles a day, and I achieved that, and I knew I would need some days where further would be required.


On the weekend of 25/10 my friend Jason, Karl Adam and Peter were taking part in the RedBull Timelaps a 25 hour team cycling event. So decided to cycle with them and do some extra miles and did 18+ miles each day.

Anyone who has the Zwift cycling  system know just how good it is. The Suito Elite mechanism attaches to the bike after removing the rear wheel, and connects via Bluetooth to the computer programme on your phone, Laptop iPad iMac MacBook or Windows system. This is not the cheapest system.

The programme control the resistance on the flywheel within the suito. It really is amazing as it exactly replicates climbs, hills, elevation and descents as if you were riding the actual routes. So if you decide to Cycle a route in Yorkshire, Switzerland or anywhere within the system, it is just like the real thing. Believe me 30 minutes will have you dripping, an hour, 2,3,4 and more will have you experiencing the real thing, apart from of course Ice, Snow, Wind, Rain but a couple of strategically placed fans will keep you reasonably cool

The rides I did in the challenge were London, Innsbruck, Richmond and Watopia … Visit the Zwift website

So why a challenge? Well, I felt it was time to set myself a challenge. So, a daily challenge for the month of October. I love cycling, but am not a fast cyclist. When I cycle out in the countryside I like to enjoy it rather that “head down, speed distance” I like to stop and take in the scenery and the countryside, take photos. So the challenge would be a little different in that I would set myself some targets.

10 miles per day, and increase mph from 13 to 16 mph, but to ride every day even if speed was not improved, the plan was to have the discipline and appetite to carry it through over 31 days.

The first ride was 10.14 miles and an average 16mph, which did surprise me.

Results recorded on Strava, visit the The Strava Website


31 days

350.44 miles

5,102ft elevation

16.8mph average

19mph best daily

Finishing the 31 days and breaking the 350 mile mark and increasing average by nearly 4mph I am very pleased with.

For me this was a challenge that tested me both physically and mentally, and I know I am better for it

I want to thank a few people for their support as well as all my fellow cyclists on Strava and Zwift who have given amazing support

Jason Smith (Mentor) Jason Smith – facebook and  Jason Smith – Strava …… Philip Churchill  Philip Churchill – facebook and  Philip Churchill – Strava  who sent daily kudos and messages

The  Oddballs Cycling Group

Many many friends (you know who you are)

Many Strava Friends

Hundreds of followers on Strava and Zwift giving Kudos

My Family and friends from around the world, including Fred, Frieda, Hiver, Piepei, Mari, Katarina, Leigh, Phil, James, James Paul, Gareth, Gareth, Darren, Jake, Greg, David, Masayuki, Nissim, Oiram, Peter, Stanislaw, Shane, Ade, Arnaud, Carol, Caroline, Elizabeth, Jakub, Ole, Paul, Pete, Peter, Sally, Emeniano, Florian, Jenny, Thorsten, Yurisa, Lukas and many many more of you that gave me a “Kudos Thumbs Up” on Strava and the many more who gave me “Ride On’ in Zwift

This ride was a challenge and in the big scheme of Cycling Athletes it was “small potatoes” but for am very proud of it, only started cycling about 5-6 years ago and it has become a firm hobby and a source of exercise and fitness, and one that will continue past my 66th year and for a long long time to come.

Zwift is my Winter Cycling, and will be back out around the lanes of the Somerset Levels in the Spring

Thanks everyone for the support and for reading this blog.

That was a hot one !!