It is so quiet

I woke this morning, later than usual, to find the sun streaming in through the window, I thought to myself …..”After all the turmoil and uncertainty of the days events yesterday, how God can put a smile on my face”

In all this uncertainty, God provides a way to bring tranquility and calmness in such a simple way.

There was an eery silence, even after I opened the window there were no birds singing, no “usual” noise, no sounds of cars……Of course it seems that people were observing the “Lockdown” and saving lives and helping the nhs by staying home and not spreading the virus or even catching the virus.

My Daughter Kirsty has my grandchildren home from school of course, and is getting the balance of some school work and playtime throughout the day, having a routine will help her and I am sure all parents with children at home. Logan has been very good and working hard even tho there are distractions. I am so proud of him

Of course the best thing is the breaks in between, and with it being such a beautiful day, time in the garden with sister, Mum and Coco the family beagle is most welcome

Looks like I will be off work, like most people for the duration, and will keep busy producing  The Sunday Hour  ready for presenting on a Sunday, and keeping the website up to date. Blogging each day and hopefully finding some interesting topics to bring you

The NHS are looking for volunteers to back up the front line Doctors and Nurses, doing all types of jobs, so I will be looking into that to see how I can help. They are under immense pressure and need any help we can give. The job they are doing risking their lives to save the sick and protecting our future

Make no mistake this Virus is a killer and it has us in its cross hairs….Be vigilant, wear the masks and gloves, take all precautions, be safe and stay healthy. If you are shopping, think of others before you buy that second pack…… And remember, all the measures that have been put in place are for our benefit and for our safety

Psalm 73:26 

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever


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